In this fiercely competitive world, every individual is trying to make ends meet for survival. Since the world continues to be expensive, each individual wishes to opt for a sustainable job. A job that is long-lasting and opens many doors of opportunities. One such job that guarantees financial stability would be of Quality Assurance specialist. 

Quality Assurance specialists have the opportunity to work in multiple domains. Be it IT, Finance, or a Government domain; they can choose the job based on their interests. 

You must be wondering who is a Quality Assurance specialist and how you can become one. Without further ado, let’s dive in straight to know more about Quality Assurance specialist and their career.

Who is a Quality Assurance Specialist?

Quality Assurance specialists are experts who make sure to maintain the quality standards of the product. They make sure to send a quality product to the customers. The company’s reputation is based on these experts. 

Before the final product reaches the customer, they inspect and detect problem areas in the production. They are responsible for taking corrective measures if defects are found in the product. 

Therefore, Quality assurance specialists are in charge of improving the company’s final product.

quality assurance specialist

Responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Specialist:

The responsibilities of a Quality assurance specialist include analytical as well as management roles. Along with management skills, they know how to satisfy the customers. 

The responsibilities of a Quality Assurance specialist are vast. Some of the major responsibilities are:

  • Outlining the quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • Interpreting and meeting the quality assurance standards.
  • Ensuring that standards of quality assurance are adequate.
  • Guiding how to collect, organize and report quality data. 
  • Ensuring that all quality standards and inspection results are implemented. 
  • Testing of products to make sure that quality product is delivered. 
  • Noting down quality assurance activities, such as internal audits.
  • Analyzing customer issues and solving them. 
  • Inspecting data to detect errors. 
  • Proposing solutions to the errors. 
  • To let external providers conduct on-site audits.
  • Analyzing the audit outcomes and taking appropriate measures.
  • Taking a look at risk management procedures.

How to become a Quality Assurance Specialist: A brief Career Guide

To become a quality assurance specialist, you require skills and education in a specific field. Your outstanding problem-solving and decision-making skills will help you in becoming a Quality Assurance specialist. 

Follow these guidelines to embark on your career as a Quality Assurance specialist. 

  1. Get a Degree

Once you are done with your high school, start your research on colleges near you. Apply to those reputable colleges offering you a bachelor’s degree in business management or computer sciences fields. You can acquire this job easily if you know computer software and technology. Also, your experience may lend you a job with a higher post.

  1. Get a certificate in Quality Assurance

Certificates are a plus point when getting a job in Quality assurance. Your certifications in Quality Engineering, Quality Auditing, or Six Sigma will help you become a Quality Assurance specialist. 

  1. Experience and Knowledge

Individuals who possess more experience and knowledge are rewarded with the senior post. Therefore, you need to learn tools, methods, and concepts related to QA. Your experience with databases and the Microsoft office will define your great computer competence. The more computer competency you have, the more easily you get the job. Also, having a solid knowledge of relevant regulatory standards will be helpful.

      4. Skills

Your skills will aid you in acquiring your position as a Quality Assurance specialist. It is fruitful to have the following skills:

  • Analytical ability
  •  Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  •  Customer service capabilities 
  • Ability to work in a team 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Good management skills
  • Strong attention to details

Quality Assurance Specialist Salary

According to payscale, the average salary of a quality assurance specialist range from $40K to $90K. $61,467 is the average base salary per year in the USA. However, it can vary depending on your experience and skills. 

The average salary of a Quality Assurance specialist is $52,574, according to zip recruiter. 

Take away:

A quality assurance specialist is a must-have for companies. They work in companies to ensure quality standards are maintained in their product. Quality Assurance specialists perform their function by conducting audits, developing quality standards, advising management on improvement opportunities, and assessing employee performance. The number of quality assurance specialist jobs is increasing. Thus, it is easy to get quality assurance jobs.

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