In modern advancements in IT, QA is a significant field and bright career to pursue in the future. The process of QA testing involves the company’s implementation of the best quality procedures, processes, and standards. This process leads to the delivery of quality products and services to its end users.

What does a QA Engineer do? 

The main role of QA engineers is to focus on improving overall software development processes. Their role involves identifying bugs and eradicating them timely for increased efficiency of the software. QA engineers ensure that no issues are found before launch during the test phase and that things are working correctly. 

Responsibilities of a QA Engineer

Apart from the main role, a QA engineer’s job has a lot of responsibilities attached. It involves developing new test cases, collecting information, and collaborating with others. The nature of a QA engineer’s job requires them to sit for long hours on the desk as the work is extensive and requires careful execution. 

qa engineer job description

Skills of a QA Engineer

We’ve listed down important skills that a QA Engineer possesses

  • Proficient in programming 
  • The grip on JAVA, Python, C++, and XML
  • Knowledge of Linux 
  • Expert in Microsoft windows 
  • Experience in software development and testing 
  • Critical thinker 
  • Analytical approach 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Strong communication skills 

Job Market and Salary of a QA Engineer 

For QA engineers, the job market is broad, with many new opportunities welcomed by almost every organization, specifically IT. Financial stability is essential for individuals pursuing any career, which helps them grow and excel more. On average, annually in the USA, QA engineers make around $86,963. The salary figure is strong enough to help QA engineers stick around and grow more. 

Good luck with your job hunting process to be the next QA Engineer.