In today’s competent business era, a quality assurance tester is a must-have. QA testers in companies and organizations play a huge role in the software development process. However, project managers often ignore their role, who think of them as an option but not a requirement.  

A quality Assurance tester is highly needed in a software development team. They save money and time by detecting errors and mistakes early in the software development life cycle. Newly developed software can contain redundancy and errors. Therefore, proper QA testing is essential. This test ensures that the software products that your company develops meet all your requirements. Also, it provides true added value to your users and has a long lifespan.

Who is a Quality Assurance Tester?

Business enterprises hire a quality assurance tester to test the quality of software and web applications. They test software to identify and fix bugs and other issues related to user experience. Also, they ensure that software meets the required standards. Meanwhile, business guidelines are also being followed.

QA testers are daily tasked to record software bugs details, conduct database testing, create automated test plans, and develop QA reports. Besides, they work with software developers to design better software processes. In short, they make sure that the user experience is the best.

Role and Responsibilities

QA testers have several roles and responsibilities. They are responsible for reviewing and implementing a system test plan. Further, they work with software developers to determine the scope and requirements of the project. In case of errors and malfunctions, they track and find solutions to them. 

As a result, they can provide high-quality software. High-quality software refers to error-free software with a good user experience. The developmental software processes also run smoothly.

quality assurance tester

Skills possessed by a QA Tester

They are experts in oral and written communication. They excel at finding solutions to complex problems. Also, they manage time well and are experts in logic and reasoning. Their extensive experience in software development and quality assurance helps them to perform their roles better. Further, they are well-accustomed to current technological trends and advances. They have excellent knowledge of QA processes, tools, and methods.

Technical skills may include:

  • Creating methods and procedures to determine the quality of a product.
  • Identifying areas of errors. 
  • Performing risk analysis.
  • Understanding technical and business objectives.
  • Reviewing user interface for consistency.
  • Researching new testing processes and technologies.

Insight on why the software development team requires a QA tester

Software developers often overlook the testing of their code. It may give rise to huge problems in their business. That’s why QA testers become handy. Not even a small bug is left unnoticed by them. 

QA testers make sure that software developers are doing the right thing. They prevent errors in the software and ensure that it does not occur again. QA Testers know how the system works, where it doesn’t work. They can identify the cause of the bug or at least know where to find it. 

QA testers work most effectively on the software development team. This is because when both groups work closely together, productivity increases. The human eyes of QA testers serve as an element that enhances the success of code-based testing. Lack of human factors may fail code base testing as it becomes difficult to identify errors. 

Experienced developers can write code with few or no errors. However, not all user scenarios can be visualized. Software testers have strong expertise in finding all possible user scenarios to fully test all features. That’s why it’s important to have a quality assurance tester that can make sure everything is working as intended. 

Delivery of raw software products can confuse customers. To avoid this, it is imperative that companies and organizations view software testing as an integral part of the software development life cycle. These people need to be closely involved in every stage of the development process.

In short, Quality Assurance Testers perform tuning, testing, and debugging operations. They use tools to find bugs, plan manual testing, and work closely with the development team. 

Take Away

QA testing is crucial in software development processes. It ensures that software is of high quality and meets all the required standards of the industry. QA team saves time, workflow is improved, and product delivery is faster.

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