Business System Analyst Course

If you love organization, this Business System Analyst course is the one for you. Get hold of analytical skills through Excel and basic quantitative methods to gather data into sets and interpret it for important business decisions. Polish your abilities and get yourself certified by availing of this training course. Trust us and become a Business System Analyst Training in Chicago.

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What you will learn

  • Introduction to the study of business systems.
  • The business system analyst’s skill set.
  • Analyze the business plan.
  • The Business System Analysis Process Model.
  • Analysis and management of stakeholders.
  • The processes of the business system are being modeled.
  • Requirements gathering, documentation, and management
  • Requirements modeling and delivery.
  • Putting together a business and financial case.
  • Bringing up business transformation.

What you will learn

• Learn android basics, its architecture and the mobile apps market
• Various components of Android and application of life cycle resources
• Creating Menus and Layouts in Android
• Using the SQLite database for creating Android applications
• You can Work on animation, content creation, data storage, and Maps API
• You can Work with Android Studio, DDMS, Listeners and other tools
• Designing interactive apps with multimedia
• Publishing the apps on the Google Play store

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