How to start a career in Quality Assurance?

In today's tech-driven world, the Quality of products matters a lot. Product quality is important because it establishes a good reputation among the consumers. Also, if the company continuously delivers quality products, their products become highly demanded and recommended.  The way of continuously delivering and maintaining product quality is called Quality Assurance. There [...]

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How to Become a Business Systems Analyst and average salary in 2022

What does a business system analyst do? Small businesses have grown a lot ever since Covid has struck the world. According to the Atlanta Fed Survey, the pandemic has accelerated digital payment, with consumers' cash withdrawals declining from 82.4% to 74.7%. As per Forbes, 2021 has been the year with maximum digital transactions.   [...]

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What is a Quality Assurance Specialist and how to become one?

In this fiercely competitive world, every individual is trying to make ends meet for survival. Since the world continues to be expensive, each individual wishes to opt for a sustainable job. A job that is long-lasting and opens many doors of opportunities. One such job that guarantees financial stability would be of Quality [...]

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Top 10 selenium testing job interview questions

Testing is the most important process in software development. It helps businesses to evaluate their software fully. Therefore, several automated testing methods are introduced in the software development process. Testing jobs have become more popular because testing methods are being introduced. One such job would be a selenium testing job. It is greatly [...]

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IT Training and job placement consultants in the USA

The USA is the most popular and successful country in the world. Thousands of people enter this country to experience a life which they could not have anywhere else. There is about 13% of foreign employees working in the USA. All of them are contributing millions towards the GDP.                                                                                                                                                                                                       America attracts and inspires [...]

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Why is a quality assurance tester needed on a software development team?

In today's competent business era, a quality assurance tester is a must-have. QA testers in companies and organizations play a huge role in the software development process. However, project managers often ignore their role, who think of them as an option but not a requirement.   A quality Assurance tester is highly needed in [...]

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What’s the Average DevOps Engineer Salary? Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

In this fast-growing business world, enterprises are looking for ways to make their developmental processes more efficient and dynamic. DevOps is one such automated practice that enhances the efficiency of developmental processes. DevOps guarantees the continual delivery of high-quality software. It does so by shortening the system development life cycle and combining software development [...]

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Five Steps Of the ETL process – ETL process example

Data integration should not be overlooked when developing an efficient business intelligence framework. It is one of the key components that extract data from multiple sources and integrate them into a common space. In an era of fierce competition, any small information can be an important factor for any modern enterprise. Therefore, companies must [...]

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Role of QA Engineer? All About QA Job Description

In modern advancements in IT, QA is a significant field and bright career to pursue in the future. The process of QA testing involves the company's implementation of the best quality procedures, processes, and standards. This process leads to the delivery of quality products and services to its end users. What does a QA [...]

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Data Analyst job description and Top 9 Essential Skills You Need

What is Data Analysis?  Data analysis encompasses the process of inspection, transformation, and modeling of data. The process of data analysis is carried out to discover valuable information, insightful conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analytics acquired during the process are very crucial for any organization dealing with large amounts of data. This process also [...]

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