Power BI Training

We offer clear and to the point lessons for the easy understanding of our students. Develop valuable insight into the market value and publish dashboards on the internet easily. Create Data Models and calculations to visualize and create graphs using technologies. Learn all the Basic Power BI concepts and get certified at the end of the training. Trust us and become a Power BI Training in Chicago.

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What you will learn

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Data transformation and modeling with Power BI
  • Use of Power BI tools
  • Data visualization
  • Visualization of data in live dashboards and reports
  • Data analysis and fetch insights by using Power BI
  • You would be able to automate reporting processes.
  • Data modeling and DAX
  • Exploring the Interface of the Data Model
  • Data preparation
  • Let stakeholders get access to reports anytime they want.

What you will learn

• Learn android basics, its architecture and the mobile apps market
• Various components of Android and application of life cycle resources
• Creating Menus and Layouts in Android
• Using the SQLite database for creating Android applications
• You can Work on animation, content creation, data storage, and Maps API
• You can Work with Android Studio, DDMS, Listeners and other tools
• Designing interactive apps with multimedia
• Publishing the apps on the Google Play store

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